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Friday, June 03, 2005
Feelin' nothin' but love for Shaq...
"Excellence is not a singular act, but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do."
-Shaquille O'Neal

Shaq's one of those athletes that most people either love or hate - most aren't lukewarm on the man. In that respect, he joins the likes of UK Basketball, the Yankees, Duke, Michael Jordan, Bobby Knight, John McEnroe, Barry Bonds and Tiger Woods.

Well, for the record, I like Shaq. I also like Barry, Tiger, and MJ. I lobster love UK and am amused by Bobby Knight in spite of myself. Like ALL the rest, Shaq's a winner.

He has played, like, 13 years in the NBA and has never been on a losing team. He led the Lakers to glory land - until they decided they didn't like the view. THEN, he pioneered another lucky team to success. Lakers loss(es) = Heat's win(s).

That leads me to another reason I'm a fan. He doesn't seem to like Kobe. I'm a hater, so I can get behind that mindset.

Another reason? It may sound wife-y, but I like the way he looks at and talks about his wife. I also love the fact that he seems to so totally love his kids. All kids, in fact. He involves himself in so many charities that involve little people, and that makes him even more of a winner in my score book.

After the Heat's win last night, Shaq only wanted to talk about
former NBA player George Mikan, who had recently passed away. He paid tribute to Mr. Mikan and then offered to pay for the funeral. Ultra nice. It's the sort of thing that REALLY makes Shaq stand head and shoulders above those around him.

I'm not trying to say he's perfect. As far as I know, he's no closer to it than me. But that's pretty much where so many of us trip up. We expect too much from people. We won't allow ourselves to just like the good qualities of a person without wanting to fixate on the negatives. Don't know if it makes us feel better about ourselves or what, but we sure get picky when it comes to other people.

Anyway, he done good and I wanted to pat him on the back of his knees.


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