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"Fully live in the moment, and the energy of that moment will surpass all boundaries."

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Monday, June 13, 2005
You've Got To Stand For Something...
You've got to stand for something,
Or you'll fall for anything.
~ Aaron Tippin

Don't you just hate it when people tell you that they're going to do something and then never do it. I hate it worse today more than yesterday and I'll hate it more tomorrow than I do today.

It seems to be more prevalent among those that do what they do on the internet versus the off-line world.

In the " real " world, they go out of business when they don't come thru. On the internet, where they only have to pay for their hosting fees, they can operate forever for $8.95 per month.

They can live with their momma's, they can claim to be big time operators and they can promise you all kinds of stuff....

BUT all they ever do is talk the talk and they never walk the walk.

You've done the hard part,
you've talked about it.
~ Billy Knapp

Like my friend says, you can talk all day about what you're gonna do, BUT if you never do any of it, you are squat !

If it ain't done,
it ain't jack.
~ Marlon Sanders

Bloggers it seems, are even worse than the average denizens of the internet.

Two or three, of late, have said that they were going to do something for me.

None have done squat.

It really doesn't matter to me, either way, but if you say you're gonna do it, do it.

I won't love you any less if you offer or not.

If you have no intentions of doing it, don't waste my thought process believing that you might come thru.

Whatever you do today,
you have to sleep with tonite.
~ Aaron Tippin

Or for today, whatever you don't do.

Life's short...follow thru.

~ Mike

PS - We use a lot of quotes here, if you'd like a copy of the resource we use to find 'em, go to The Mental Sparkplug.

If you can't afford it, lemme know, I'm a generous kinda guy.

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